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Cappadocia is a truly spectacular, able to capture visitors’ attention since the very first moments. The city is located at an altitude of 1000 meters above the sea level and forms one of the most important areas of Turkey, in terms of culture and history. With a plethora of breath taking valleys full of rock formations and fairy chimneys, Cappadocia forms the perfect backdrop for hot air balloon rides due to the spectacular panoramic views over the valleys. If you join Cappadocia Balloon Watching Tour you can feel this excitement. Indeed, the scenery is truly magnificent and imposing as hot air balloons rise above these valleys creating a colourful backdrop during the sunrise. This experience is taking place around the year, but the best seasons to enjoy the most of this experience are autumn and spring.

What is included in this tour?

  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)

Whats not included in this tour?

  • Personal Spendings
  • Food & Beverages

Additional Info

Cappadocia Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Watching Tour is an alternative experience for all as you get the opportunity to observe these colourful hot air balloons flying above the alleys. This particular tour is ideal for those who search a more budget-friendly excursion and for those who want to snap some photos of the sun rise in Cappadocia. It is also important to mention that this watching tour is also the best option for those who suffer from acrophobia.

The excursion takes place every day, including weekends. Early in the morning, before sun rise, a comfortable and modern car will pick you up from your hotel in Cappadocia. The vehicle will drive you towards the hot air balloon flight area which will be the observation point.

It is important to note that pick up time is subject to the season and may change accordingly. In addition, the hot air balloon area is also changing depending on the weather conditions and the direction of the wind.

Once you arrive there, you will have free time to observe the hot air balloons preparing for the flight. More precisely, you will be able to observe the professional pilots filling the balloon with hot air and the participants receiving interesting information. Then, get ready for a truly exceptional experience. As the hot air balloons start to take off, you will be full of emotions. By the time the hot air balloons are at their maximum altitude, you will be able to witness a unique and breath-taking sunrise.

During this time, make sure that you are taking some beautiful photos of this magnificent backdrop. You may also be transferred to a different nearby area in order to enjoy this experience from different angles and snap some more photos. By the time the sun is up, you will be transferred back to your hotel in Cappadocia. For sure this experience will be unique and your holidays will be unforgettable.


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